A Journey of Faith


Brother ChrisSt. Clement Walk-a-thonWelcome!

 Just as we navigate through the Internet, we too navigate through a life of faith. Inside our soul we feel a deep hunger to know what life is all about. It is a hunger of faith. Faith is that moment, sometimes sudden; sometimes over time, when we realize that there is something, someone much bigger than us; that there is a divine Creator.

Our faith, this hunger to understand can be the cause of many questions. Questions that reflect the hearts desire to understand and to know our God.





  •      Why I am I here?
  •      Where do I come from?
  •      Who made the stars, life, nature etc…?
  •      Who else shares my belief?
  •      Who can help me along my journey?

As Catholics, we find our answer to these questions, and many more in Jesus Christ.

Saint Clement is full of people like you, people searching for the truth. It is our hope that this parish website is an extension of what takes place Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. We are a faithfilled community of believers extending beyond the walls of Saint Clement Church through this website to all the world.

We would love to share our stories of faith and hear yours. We hope that you will find some of your answers here in this website and those we link to. But even more we hope you will join us at Saint Clement for worship and at some of the programs we offer throughout the year.


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