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May God give you peace!  I pray that you are well and taking the necessary precautions to stay well.  Even though the parish office remains closed and the staff is doing most of their work from home, things haven’t slowed down here in the office. I’ve spent long days, frequently returning to my office after dinner and nightly news.  The parish staff has been able to meet regularly through the wonders of Zoom, something I don’t understand but, with Deacon John’s help, am able to use.  All staff members have been faithful to every meeting.


Most important to me and all the staff is our communication with YOU and with all our parishioners. This letter is one way, but at this time only appears electronically on our parish website. The bulletin company is not printing copies for distribution during this down time.  I am now able to communicate on our parish Facebook page.  I am also considering finding a way to talk “live.” Obviously, we can’t be sending out hard copy letters to everyone, for the staff is not here to do the work required for that. You could help considerably if you would send us your email address.  We have some of your addresses, but not proportional to the size of the parish.   Parish secretary Linda is working from home to create a group list with the numbers we do have. That will be a great way to keep you up to date.  If you have not done so, would you kindly send your email address to Linda at . Or send us your cell phone number for text messages.  Thank you.


I have received positive comments from parishioners—and others—about our live-streamed Masses which take place in the friars chapel Saturdays at 4 pm.  I am grateful to Bro. Tom, Bro. Kenn and Fr. Frank for providing the music. They’re doing a fine job. Of course, we friars love to sing, so all of the friars who are there make for a lively assembly.  If you like men’s voices, I’m confidant you’ll enjoy singing along with us from the comfort of your living room. There is a link to the Mass on our parish website. 


We are entering the holiest week of the Church year, which is why we refer to it as Holy Week. These Masses will take place in church, not in the friars chapel. Our Palm Sunday vigil Mass at 4 pm. will be celebratory, even though there can be no procession.  The Sacred Triduum—one solemn feast that is spread over three days—begins on  Thursday with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7 pm. There will be no washing of feet or procession with the Blessed Sacrament at the end. Our Good Friday Celebration of the Lord’s Passion will be at 1:30 pm. And the Solemn Easter Vigil begins on Saturday evening at 7 pm. Because of the unusual circumstances this year, we are permitted to “begin earlier if pastorally advantageous.” Ordinarily we must wait until it is dark; however, because of the permission, we have determined that most folks, especially our elder parishioners, would appreciate the earlier time.  The Mass is much shorter than usual for there is no fire, no procession, no baptisms. Please note that this Mass is our Easter Mass at St. Clement. Thus, there is no Mass on Easter Sunday morning.


Please, dear friends, take good care of yourself. Stay safe: practice social distancing, wash your hands, etc. Most of all, let’s pray for one another, especially those most vulnerable. HAPPY EASTER!