Father Fred Link, O.F.M.


    Last Sunday’s 10:30 AM Mass was glorious!  Church was full with so many children, their parents and the teachers joining the worshipping assembly.  The long line of little kids heading into chapel for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word was touching.  Equally moving was when these same children gathered behind our Principal Mr. Eiser and his wife, Rosie, on the sanctuary steps as the kids and the whole assembly blessed St. Clement’s educational leader.  While a number of the families regularly worship at San Carlos on Sunday’s, the large crowd demonstrates what our weekly potential is.  Of course, the teachers all worship in their own churches.  Still, I hope our St. Clement parents will continue to bring their little ones to Mass—they can’t get here without you!  And it was with great joy that we welcomed a number of families from St. James     Parish whose children will be attending St. Clement School.  I can only imagine how hard it was for these families when their school closed.  They will bring unique gifts to St. Clement; I pray that they find a happy home here.


      This Saturday morning, Aug. 29, Bishop Joseph Binzer will be here at St. Clement to ordain Bros. Roger Lopez and Cliff Hennings as deacons, on their way to becoming priests.  I know you all remember Bro. Roger well.  We wish them happiness always.  And in the afternoon, Jill Blessing and Michael Davis will commit themselves to one another for life as husband and wife.  Congratulations to them, too.  All day long, love will be in the air! 


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