Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Use the talents God gave you;
don't put them on the shelf.
This is what stewardship is -- 
a devotion of yourself.


I read this little quip in a book about parishes: Keeping the Covenant: Taking Parish to the Next Level, by Jesuit priest Thomas Sweetser. The author has a section on stewardship in which he suggests that there are three aspects to conversion to a way of life that will make a parish better: praying, getting involved, and give "off the top." It's the first two that I want to plead with you to offer. Fr. Sweetser suggests that everyone pray for a least six minutes daily. If you make it your intention that your prayer, in addition to blessing you and your loved ones, also bless our parish, what a power house we would have praying together for one another.
The second aspect is "getting involved." Fr. Sweetser suggests that each parishioner "become involved in at least one ministry or service project, sponsored by the parish or some other outlet." How wonderful it would be if each parishioner checked off at least one item on the time and talents sheets. Each gift of time helps in a powerful way to make our parish more what Jesus would want for his Body on earth.
This Sunday night at 7pm, we will have a special Mass in which we honor the memory of St. Clement parishioners who have died in the past calendar year. This is always a beautiful and moving ceremony. Everyone is invited to this Mass. A memorial book will be placed in the commons during the month of November in which you can write the names of deceassed family and friends.
Thanks once again to everyone who contributed to Sr. Amy's drive and to the parishioners who drove the truck and cars last Monday delivering the items. Have a great week!