Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Super Bingo 2015 is now history. Of course, as I write this, it has not yet happened. Next week, with chair-woman Tracie Meister's help, I will be able to say just how well we did. And I will also formally thank Tracie and the planning committee and all volunteers who helped us make the day a success! I hope YOU were lucky!


At 10:30 Mass this weekend we celebrate with our First Communicants and their families the awesome gift of our Lord's Body and Blood which they receive for the first time. While we honor these blessed children and give God glory for this life-giving gift of divine food and drink, may we also renew our own commitment to always hunger for the Bread of Life and thirst for the Cup of Salvation. Thank you, moms and dads and guardians of our First Communicants. Please allow me to offer encouragement: your precious children love receiving Communion, but they can't do it without your bringing them to church. They are taught, as we all are, that they have a serious obligation to participate in the Eucharist on the Lord's Day. But they need you to bring them and give them an example. Remember Jesus' words: "Whoever eats this Break will live forever..." (Jn. 6:58).


In just two weeks, on the weekends of May 2 and 3, we will all once again have the opportunity to reach out to our twinned parish in Campton, Kentucky--Good Shepherd Church. St. Clement parishioners have always been so generous to this special collection of clothing, food items, etc. You can read a lot more about this in the special bulletin insert.


The Easter Season continues in full force. Christ is risen, Alleluia! Have a great week.