Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Needless to say, the Parish Picnic didn’t happen last Sunday afternoon!  On Saturday morning, the threat of heavy rains on Sunday was fairly significant—and had been building—so I contacted the picnic coordinator Mary Beth Asbach to suggest that we cancel.  I did this so that I could get announcements made at each of the weekend Masses.  Well, I was a bit embarrassed when at 3 PM on Sunday, the time the picnic was to begin, the sun was shining!  I hope the decision to cancel didn’t mess up anyone’s plans.  I’m grateful to Mary Beth and our hospitality committee for the planning they did.  I understand that they will be able to use the brats, hotdogs, etc. at the parish festival the weekend of Sept. 9-11.

Regarding the St. Clement Festival and Pig Roast, each weekend from now until the festival someone will be in the commons after each of the Masses selling chances for Fr. Jim’s painting, the Friars Feast and Fr. Ric’s remote controlled airplane (which includes a lesson on how to fly the plane).  You may have noticed that Fr. Ric has also contributed three mini planes—so the chances of winning have increased.  And, because only a limited number of tickets are being sold for these special prizes, one’s chance of winning is greater.  Of course, you can always pick up tickets for the Grand Raffle, too. 

We received word last week that Paul Ungerer, the 33 year old son of Larry and Mary Ann Ungerer, died suddenly.  Larry, as you will remember, was our Director of Religious Formation at St. Clement from 2008 to 2014, a position he had held some years before that as well.  The funeral was this past Wednesday afternoon at St. Francis de Sales Church.  Our hearts go out to Larry and Mary Ann at this very difficult time.  Many of us know Larry’s great faith from his time serving the parish, a faith that will sustain him and Mary Ann in the days ahead.  Let’s keep them both in our prayers.  Paul is with the Lord and will be blessing them from a whole new vantage point!

This coming Thursday, August 25, the Pastoral Council will hold its first meeting of the new “season.”  We welcome our new members:  Bill Burkhardt, Ed Mormile, Alan Siefert and Diane Smith.  And we say thanks to outgoing members Don B. Miller, Kay Thoman and Mark Steinke.  I very much value the presence of committed parishioners who work, pray and plan together to help St. Clement live out our mission: “to become ever more fully what we  are called to be—the Body of Christ . . . in the spirit of St. Francis with a joyful and generous love!”  At a coming Sunday Mass, we will formally install our new members.  Please don’t ever hesitate to talk with a member to express concerns or make suggestions as to how we can make our parish better.  You’ll notice them with the special red nametags.

Next Sunday, August 28, at the 10:30 AM Mass, we’ll celebrate the start of the new school year and pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on our students, teachers and staff.  There will be an Open House at school following the Mass.  If you haven’t seen the school for a while, why not stop over and check it out.  I am very confident you will be impressed.   Have a great week! 

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