Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

This is the weekend many of us have been waiting for. Not only are our school children involved in a special way in the 10:30 Mass and not only is Ms. Emily Mulvey going to speak to the assembly, but most espcially we get to hear our parish choirs perform a special Advent concert this Sunday night, December 14th, at 7pm in church. They have been rehearsing long and hard, including setting up and taking down chairs out of the sanctuary. Come, enjoy and support these talented folks.


Have you ever been frustrated? As I write this I am feeling very frustrated with the technology connected to the Internet. I have been unable to "get on line" for the past three days (today is Tuesday). Ever-patient Fr. Mark Hudak, OFM, one of our younger friars who lives at Brother Juniper Friary here in St. Bernard, spent almost six hours yesterday going from computer to computer. 


I spent much of the morning writing and sending e-mail messages. Alas, as of this moment, they have not been sent! They are literally lost in space. Yes, I know there are people in the world without food or jobs, and violence and suffering are rampant. My problems are miniscule. But, I'm sure you would agree, it's the little things that can really irritate us. At least, they do me!


Right now I'm looking for some stationary, a good pen, and envelope and a stamp. But, I am breathing deeply and serenely. It helps to have just celebrated Mass. And I know the Lord will never stop assisting me, regardless of where I live.