Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

From all accounts, last weekend’s first St. Clement Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) was a great success.  Thanks to all who directly or indirectly helped to make it so, especially to Emily Mulvey and Paula Voborsky who served as coordinators.  Of course, thanks most especially, to the women who stepped forward and made this weekend’s faith experience.  The couple of women whom I’ve spoken with have said that it even exceeded their expectations.  It’s true that God can never be outdone in generosity. Ladies, you have sown the seeds of something wonderful that will continue to bear abundant fruit.  Through YOU Christ will continue to renew our great parish.  Thank you.


And, thanks, also, to all who participated in our Super Bingo—which may still be in progress for some of you who are reading this bulletin prior to this Saturday’s Mass. I’ll give a report in next week’s bulletin.  The present forecast calls for sun and temperatures in the 60’s.  So, we obviously won’t have to use our possible “snow date.”   I’m scheduled to preside at 4 PM Mass on Saturday, so I’ll leave Bingo early.  Fr. John Paul has once again agreed to take my place in the Reconciliation Room at 3 pm. for those who wish to go to confession.

This weekend, the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick, will be offered after the homily at each of the Masses.  Any who feel in significant need of God’s healing—whether physical, emotional or spiritual—are invited to come to one of the priests who will be administering the sacrament.  We will all be praying in a special way for one another at the Masses that weekend. As I wrote two weeks ago:  “God’s grace is never-ending!” 

I’m writing this letter on Valentine’s Day.  Would you be my Valentine?  After Masses on weekends I sometimes feel I have lots of valentines.  One should be so lucky!  And all my valentines are beautiful.  The children coming into school this morning were in the spirit.  I got a few more hugs than usual.  A number of kids were carrying candy or cupcakes.  Many of our littlest ones, our kindergartners, had grey hair, were wearing “granny” glasses, using canes or walkers.  I was trying to determine what that had to do with Valentine’s day. Well, I learned there was no connection.  It was pure coincidence.   You see, today these littlest students reached a milestone in their educational career.  It was their 100th day of kindergarten!  Since it’s hard for them to appreciate the concept of 100, the teachers cleverly thought that if they dressed or acted like someone who was one hundred years old—their parents could help them pretend that--they would appreciate the significance of their accomplishment.  I don’t recall having that much fun when I was in kindergarten in English Woods.  Now, my only problem is that, some months ago, one of the kindergartners thought I was 120 years old!  Oh, well!

Elsewhere in the bulletin, check out the “Day of Caring Pancake Breakfast” coming up next Sunday after both Masses.  Have a blessed week!

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