Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Our good God graciously blessed us with perfect weather for what was truly our best St. Clement Festival and Pig Roast in many years—certainly the best of the six festivals I’ve participated in. Of course, it wasn’t the weather that it made it the best, though that surely contributed. It was primarily the great planning by our marvelous, hard working committee. In addition to the steering committee, I have to thank the Village of St. Bernard for setting up booths and taking them down and for providing utilities for our usage. What a blessing! And to the St. Bernard Police for, over and above the security they provided. We are still waiting for the financial results of the festival. Regardless, in every way it was grand.
For months now, I've been talking about a make-over of our weekly bulletin. What you are receiving over the weekend is the beginning of that effort. After consultation with our bulletin company and receiving free software, our industrious secretary Linda Moeller and our awesome temporary associate Fr. Richard have come up with a design which I believe you will find attractive and a bulletin that will contain a lot more news.There will be input from a number of folks each week, so that you will know what's going on in school, athletics, faith formatoin, worship, etc. We are able to increase the number of pages and use color at no additional cost to the parish. If there is something more you would like to see included, please call the parish office and let us know. 
It was a joy to bless our young candidates for the sacrament of confirmation (Confirmandi) at last Sunday's 10:30 Mass, along with their sponsors. They are beginning a period of preparation for this final sacrament of initiation into the Catholic faith.The sacrament will be conferred by Archbishop Dennis Schnurr at the 10:30 Mass on Sunday, November 23. A special thanks to our DRF Larry Ungerer, to 8th grade teacher Ms. Donna Muchmore and to Youth Minister Nicole Koenigh who accompany them in a very special way.
Hearty congratulations to the lovely couple Katie Lynn Meyer and Zachary Robert Black who are being married September 20 in St. Clement Church.Katie is the granddaughter of parishioner Rosemary Meyer. Love is in the air! We have another wedding scheduled next weekend.