Father Fred Link, O.F.M.

Parish Festival News 2017 


The scaffolding for the new church roof didn’t begin to be erected this past week as I predicted.  However, as I write this, folks are outside measuring space needed for equipment.  Yesterday (Sunday), I met with Greg Vonder Meulen, Fr. Jim, Bro. Vince and our art teacher and parishioner Kathy Stephan to make decisions on the color of the moldings/trims, etc. to complement the Stonegate Gray shingles (the same color as at Music Hall).  We decided that we will change the color of the lower part of the small steeple, so that it matches our primary steeple. It’s great to have folks around who are artists and know color schemes—like Fr. Jim and Kathy Stephan. 

     After that particular meeting, I had the privilege of presiding at Mass for the Franciscan Sisters of the Poor in Hartwell during which they celebrated their annual Associate Covenant Ceremony. St. Clement parishioner and choir member, Beth Luken, is one of their Associates. During Sunday’s celebration she renewed her Covenant.  Congratulations, Beth.

     I had the joy of addressing our teachers and staff at their orientation meeting this past Monday.  I showed them the video on St. Clement just produced by History in Your Own Back Yard, which I trust you have seen.  Every time I watch it, I feel so proud of our church and parish. I then shared my conviction that what they are doing as teachers/formators of our children is the noblest of professions.  I stayed for part of principal Jeff Eiser’s presentation.  He shared the story and prayer of St. Francis before the San Damiano Crucifix.  He then passed on insights offered at the University of Notre Dame, which several of our teachers, having received grants, attended this summer on new ways of teaching and learning according to the latest research on successful learning programs.  I was deeply moved when Jeff said at the end of his presentation:  when times get tough and you’re not sure what to do or where to turn, look to the Cross and ask the Lord for direction and guidance, just like St. Francis did.  It’s pretty amazing that a former member and leader in the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department is encouraging his staff to look to Jesus. Thank you, Jeff, for unabashedly sharing your faith.  And thanks to our teachers and staff for the energy and enthusiasm they are demonstrating at the beginning of this new year. 


     I trust that those of you who were present at our 10:30 am Mass last Sunday will agree that the liturgy was glorious and made especially powerful by the presence of so many children and parents.  Together, the children and we adults, young and old, blessed our teachers and staff.  Our new Provincial Minister, Fr. Mark Soehner, OFM, was present at Mass and assisted in the blessing.  He commented on the beauty of the liturgy. It would be great--and it’s absolutely the right thing--if all of our parish families and children were present each Sunday for Mass.  I remind our parents of your responsibility and thank you for this gift you are giving your children, especially by your own example.  You are reinforcing what the kids are learning in school!  May the Lord bless each of our school children and their families! 


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